Repertoire performed is, almost exclusively, tunes from old aragonese bagpipers and new compositions from friend authors of the band, aragonese too. Ocassionally it is introduced some tunes from neighbouring bagpipe repertoire.

The parade always starts with "Tonada d'Arribada" (Arrival Tune) and finishes with "Tonada de Despedida" (Depart Tune), like our ancestors the Caserras Musicians made in the past.

"Musicians from Caserras del Castillo"
(Comarca de la Ribagorza)


In this repertoire it is possible to listen pasacalles, mazurcas, valses, bailes, jotas, rumbas, polcas…, musics, all of them, that can be perfectly danced.
The compilation of the music of old bagpipers has been made by many people that has dedicated themselves, in body and soul, to go across different villages all around the aragonese geography, asking and recording in several formats, eveything related to aragonese bagpipe. Many of these compilation works have been shown in magazines, books, discs, … This repertoire has been adapted and arranged to be performed by the band, trying that these arrangements were as faithful as possible to the original one.

As far as the new compositions for aragonese bagpipes, several authors send us their compositions and between them we can mention:
• Javier Aparicio
• Pepín Banzo
• Eugenio Gracia
• José Ángel Marín
• Ángel Vergara
• ...
We have to thank them their effort as composers and specially to Javier Aparicio that composed the Hymn of the band, which name has a double meaning, including the text:

De"botos" de la gaita
Parte A
Ya desfilan con solemnidad
Por las calles de la gran ciudad
Bajo el brazo diestro va el bordón
Dando el tono con rotunda precisión

Parte B
Y los gaiteros sueltan a la vez
Esas figuras presas en papel
Todas juntas salen a bailar
Una danza por la paz y libertad.

Parte C
Felices van al caminar al fin
Cual devotos de la gaita son
Los dedos acarician el clarín
Y resuena la ilusión.
Letra y Música: Javier Aparicio Aparicio

The intention of the band is to publish these compositions as an small tribute to these and others authors, and that step by step we will be able to see in section Publications