As main part of our intention to put our sand granite and help our dear bagpipe, from the Aragonese Bagpipe Band we want to participate actively in keeping alive the interest for the instrument and its musics. For this reason it borns the idea of recolecting photos, histories, old and, of course, new repertoires. Since a dead language is that where no new words appear, it happens the same with the instruments. Between our objectives it is also found to revive the use of aragonese bagpipe so, one day not very far, the people that will see us performing will not have to ask themselves where do we come from.

During this year 2011, the Aragones Bagpipe Band, publishes the first delivery of a collection of repertoires, whose authors are two famous bagpipers, teachers, composers, arrengers, investigators and other denominations, as shown on their musical curricula, not being this one their first incursion in the world of composition because they have already published several works, for aragonese bagpipe, in different publications. They are Pepín Banzo and Eugenio Gracia.

We have to give thanks to Provincial Diputation of Zaragoza for its implication in the reproduction and diffusion of traditional aragonese music and in concrete for the impression of this first work of musical compositions for aragonese bagpipe.

¡We expect having this publication beginning year 2011!