The spectacle of Aragonese Bagpipe Band consists basically of a parade during which severals stops are done to perform the repertoire of the band, inserting choreographies that embellish the fomation.

The repertoire performed is, almost exclusively, a set of tunes collected from old aragonese bagpipers and new compositions of authors that are close friends to the band. Occassionally it is introduced some songs of adjacent bagpipe repertoires. The parade always starts with "Tonada d'Arribada" (Arrival Tune) and finishes with "Tonada de Despedida" (Depart Tune), like our ancestors the Caserras Musicians made in the past. In this repertoire it is possible to listen, besides pasacalles, mazurcas, valses, bailes, jotas, rumbas, polcas…, musics, all of them, that can be perfectly danced.
It is interesting to pay attention on bagpiper clothing and on bagpipe clothing, not being able to find a bagpipe dress equal to another one, like it also happens with vests and bagpiper headkerchief.

The duration is one hour and a quarter approximately.

• Room for changing clothes of components of bagpipe band and conditions to be able to tune the bagpipes, available one hour before the parade, with toilets.


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